Comprehensive Video Assets Library

Gestures Video Assets

This set of digital assets might as well be the most comprehensive library of human hand gestures. The collection is built out of three sets. There is one interaction set that contains 29 back-facing human touch interactions: tap, double tap, wipe, drag and pinch to zoom etc. plus a hand holding a phone. Then there is the emoji set containing 18 iconic hand gestures, waving, pointing, a raised fist and even a middle finger. Their distinguished emoji yellow points out the fusion of our physical and digital bodies. Another set contains the interaction gestures but filmed from within the screen. We have 31 of those. These are part of the bundle of 77 gestures. Please have a look in our extensive catalogue to find out exactly what gestures we offer.

Download the .pdf catalogue

All filmed in 4K and delivered with a transparent background. We think they are perfect for keynote presentations, interaction simulations, or add some spice to your social media posts.

Product Gestures, a library of 29 human interaction hand gestures, a super handy UX tool
Resolution 4k Portrait, 2160px × 3840px
Framerate 29.97 DF
Formats PNG sequence & Apple ProRes
Basic License License – 20 users – EULA
Price €80.00 excl. VAT